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Intuitive coach for the
soul-aligned athlete.

Discover and unlock your ‘Genius Codes' that allow you to play and perform at your next, next-level.

hypa your life

At hypa, we provide collaborative and innovative ways of working with high-profile athletes.

We help our athletes embrace the ‘humble human’ and ‘great athlete’ soul aspects.

You see, these two archetypes make up the foundations of who you really are at your core – your true essence or being. It's your set of unique drivers for why you are here, what you are here to do with your life and what impact you are supposed to have with the short time you are here on this planet.

When our athletes tap into this intuitive ‘flow' state, they can access and utilise their ‘genius codes'.

An athlete, in flow and ‘in the zone' who is using their genius codes – is playing at the next, next-level.
A team of athletes accessing and sharing their genius codes as a collective unit. Un-stoppable.

Re-imagine what Great means for you.

Let's begin.

Hypa's Master Coach

Mark Pereira

Only when a person is in alignment with their true self, can they live a life of power, purpose and passion, with perseverance. This is why I created hypa – to birth a world where everyone is their true self, courageously forging ahead on their own intentional and purposeful path.

Here at hypa, we connect you with your highest potential.

By living as you innately are and creating a heart-led, intuitively-informed life, it puts you into a position to easily attract the results you want whether that is winning a moment, winning a game or winning at life.

With guidance, I’ll show you how to embody your highest self. I’ll guide you towards your inner knowing and help you transform your life to achieve the outcomes you desire. 

Ready to play at the next, next-level?

hypa is perfect for you if...

You want to go bigger

You’ve built a profitable sporting career, but you’re just not satisfied. You want a bigger slice of that golden pie but lack certainty on the next right step. You bring the bold ideas; we’ll deliver the mindset magic and strategy to help you see them through.

You're ready to
pivot with purpose

You’ve achieved great things, but no longer possess the same zest. You’re ready to embrace the uncomfortable and shake things up, journey inward to unearth new zones of genius and begin an exciting new chapter, infused with passion and purpose!

It's time for you to
harness your gifts

You possess incredible raw talent, but you’re unsure if this will translate to a rewarding career. Gain the confidence, intuition and resilience to masterfully wield your innate gifts with great success. Tap into your genius codes and access your true potential.

Free 15-minute session
Discover your Genius Codes

Be You.

At Your Best.

Break through barriers and limitation to achieve the success you know is possible.
Make clear, concise decisions in key moments.
Get a glimpse into what the next, next-level version of you could look like.

Interested in getting an insight into your genius codes?

“Through my holistic framework we focus on your internal landscape, your inner wisdom and intuition, and through this, you learn to understand that you can only move forward, grow and expand in a more joyful way when you have made peace with, healed and loved yourself. You can easily take that next step forward from an abundance mindset born out of love and from a place where you believe ‘I make my own choices, I live my life on my terms.’”
Mark Pereira

Unlock Activate Master

your genius codes with hypa

Start with Great

The Next Level Athlete

Start With Great – The Next Level Athlete program is an intuitive, innovative, and collaborative approach to working with high-profile athletes.

Learn to embrace the ‘humble human’ and ‘great athlete’ soul aspects – align to your true self to access and unleash your ‘genius codes' for ultimate success.


Live and play in the zone

Flow State Formula

A total mind-body upgrade, Flow State Formula  uses cutting edge holistic energy practices to take you to the next level.

For professional athletes, Flow State Formula transforms your overwhelm, chaos and blocks to sustainable peak-performance and calm clarity.

from chaos to clarity

Energy Coaching

Re-define success. Receive one-on-one intuitive guidance blended with proven strategies and personal growth techniques.

With a sprinkling of the spiritual, we support you on your path to crystallise your purpose, move forward with clarity and manifest all that you desire.