Mark Pereira

Intuitive Coach for the soul-aligned athlete

Guiding you to discover and access your ‘genius codes' so you can play at the next, next-level.

“When you're aligned, in flow and on purpose, your sport, your business and your life all benefit. You easily attract the results you want whether that is winning a game or winning a contract. When you’re aligned and taking aligned action in flow, everything feels easy and without resistance.”

Finding myself

Born in Singapore, I moved with my family to New Zealand when I was eight years old. As a young man, my original plan was to attend university and study psychology, but my mother thought I was too sensitive and feared I would not succeed. Instead, she found me a job at a bank. The irony here is that my sensitivity and ability to connect with people is one of my greatest strengths, but oftentimes our parents’ best intentions can lead us astray.

After two years at the bank I decided to go into IT and ended up with a job in Australia at a large investment bank. This experience directly informed my understanding of high performance business talent. I had the opportunity to work with some of the best c-level executives in the industry in an innovative culture with inspiring leadership. It taught me how to easily identify and learn from the best of the best.

The True You always shines through

Almost as an accident, I used my energetic awareness to listen and connect with many of the executives I worked with. Unbeknownst to me, even at 21, I was “coaching” and advising them. I offered them life and career guidance, and as this was always something I had naturally done, it felt normal to me. The most surprising outcome was my realisation that these were also some of the great influential minds in Australia.

After a few years, I returned to New Zealand to spend time with family and met my beautiful wife. I worked at a consulting firm focusing on business intelligence reporting and data systems, and eventually as a technical consultant where I designed and implemented enterprise solutions and trained the company’s technical teams with the new systems.

This was a great opportunity, as we had contracts with some of the top 100 companies in New Zealand. It gave me the ability to experience different organisational cultures and learn how successful teams and leaders worked across various industries such as telecommunications, government, technology, media, energy, banking, finance, insurance and entertainment.

With a desire to start a family, I decided to switch gears. I traded in my consultancy career to focus on a business that could give me more time at home. As a lifelong lover of tennis, I became a coach – an opportunity to run my own business and start my own performance academy. Five years later, I had ten coaches, three clubs, six high school and primary schools and was operating a coaching business with over 400 clients a week.

Heart-Led Living

After a bad business deal (yes, I lost a lot of money) and a few months of depression as a result, “failure” gave me profound insight and a shiny, silver lining. I started anew again in Sydney with my family to pursue web development, IT and project consulting with my own digital agency.

I practice what I preach, which is why I make time daily to tune in to myself and access my higher self. I trust the message that comes in and always listen to my heart over my head. This is why in 2019, after a profound spiritual experience and accompanying clear vision, I listened to my intuition and moved my family to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to kickstart a new phase in life with hypa.

With hypa, I coach professional athletes and leaders who want to make a massive, positive impact in the world with new technology, innovative ideas and a deep connection to their inner wisdom.

I use a combination of my coaching expertise, business background and my natural ability to sense how people can connect to their true self, to guide my clients towards their highest potential.

You know the day
you were born.

We're here to help you find and live out your why.

Our hypa initiatives provides you with a
strong and stable foundation to:

Grow and evolve your career and life as your aligned, true self

Connect to your higher self and gain clarity and inner wisdom to make better choices

Build loving and supportive relationships so you can thrive

Reclaim your power so you can feel whole and courageous

Go past limitations set by society, your family, friends and unconsciously by yourself

Create non-judgemental relationships where you can grow without restriction or boundaries