Who is Hypa?

Our mission to improve the human experience guides all that we do

This is our why

We humans have lost our way a little. 

There are too many wounded, stressed and angry people roaming the planet, wounding, stressing and angering others. 

We are constantly busy: working, watching screens, consuming media and comparing ourselves.

We are so preoccupied with the future, with what we want to buy and do, that we’ve forgotten how to live for right now and appreciate all that we have.

Because of this, we’re less joyful, we operate from a state of lack and we’ve forgotten how to connect with ourselves. 

When we’re in tune with our bodies, we can nourish them with what they need, acknowledge and release negative emotion and access our powerful sixth sense: intuition. 

Strong intuition crystallises your purpose, instilling you with the confidence and drive to become your highest self.

A great sense of ease comes from knowing where you need to be. You can enjoy life’s journey, confident that you’re walking the right path.

All you need is rock solid strategy and a positive mindset to keep you on track. And that’s where we rock out.

Meet mark

Hey, Mark here your friendly guide to a life on your terms.

Life coaches and self-professed marketing gurus have invaded the internet, promising you’ll hit 5 figure months in a blink.

But Hypa is different and that’s a fact.

I don’t put a dollar figure on your happiness. Because $10k months mean jack if you’re burnt the hell out and hate what you do, coming home to a family who resent you. 

  • I want you to reconnect with yourself, to feed your body and mind with movement, meditation and motivation, and tune into your intuition.
  • I want to propel you to a place where you’re confident, content and locked in on your true purpose.
  • Wealth is simply a pleasant side effect of a well-nurtured body and mind.
  • I’ve conquered my goals in sport, business and in life and experienced, firsthand, the power of the mind in creating our realities.

After a spiritual experience some years ago, I had a strong sense that I would move across the country and change my career path, and that my family would expand, with the arrival of an unexpected third child. 

Sure enough, these shakeups eventuated and have been a magnificent blessing – the change of pace and scenery I subconsciously yearned for but had been too busy to acknowledge. 

Whether my experience was a premonition, or my brain slapping me in the face with aspirations I’d kept locked away, once I leaned into my intuition, it was astounding how quickly these changes manifested.  

Together, we’ll sharpen your intuition, master your mindset and carve out an actionable path to your dream life.

our values

The Hypa logo is more than a rainbow of eye-catching colours.

Each colour represents our values and those we instil in clients through our guidance programs.

These values weave together to represent holistic personal growth. We don’t want to improve our lives in one or two areas, at the expense of others. Every aspect of our lives can exist in synergy.

Red represents heart-led living: self-love and love for others. You are enough as you are and so worthy of love. Give love openly and watch it return in abundance.

Purple represents courage: have the stones to trust your intuition, be your authentic self and lead by example. Ruthlessly edit your life, unlock your purpose and move forward with clarity.

Green represents abundance: operate from a plentiful state. Give of your time and knowledge openly. Create the time and space to become your highest self. Open your mind to new concepts and never stop learning.  


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