Justin Cooper

SpecialityBrand Purpose Co
Purpose Coach & Brand Consultant

Justin has worked in Purpose Activation and Brand Marketing for 30 years, specialising in:

  • Purpose Coaching: One-on-one & Group
  • Purpose Consulting: SME & Corporate
  • Workshop Design & Delivery
  • Brand Activation: New Brand Naming & Brand Positioning
  • Strategic Brand Management – Global & SME organisations

His training is based on discovering and communicating the individual's or organisation's Purpose to ensure their product/service and communications are aligned with Purpose, so they attract like-minded customers, business partners and employees

The training environment is guided by 8 simple beliefs:

  1. Purpose is essential for long-term success.
  2. Customers determine the fate of the brands.
  3. There is always a better way if you look for it.
  4. Do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  5. Openness and transparency are essential.
  6. Everyone has the ability to make a difference.
  7. Trust is the foundation for success.
  8. Like attracts like.

Justin is also a published author of Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing

You can find out more about the book here: https://www.brandpurpose.co/book/

His workshops allow you to clarify your innate strengths and personality and how to use it to become a better leader. Justin guides you through step by step exercises to help you clarify your Purpose and Mission, and how to integrate what you discover into your work, business and brand. 

Justin provides a series of unique visualisations which give you access to hidden information trapped in your subconscious. He shows you how to use this information to:

  •  Improve your leadership skills
  • Align your business, brand and culture with your Purpose
  • Inspire the people you work with
  • Develop a more authentic and compelling brand proposition

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