Energy Coaching

Don't let life happen to you.
Start making your dream life happen.

One-to-one intuitive guidance.


Our one-to-one guidance program will deliver calm, clarity and confidence.
Choose a single, one-hour call for personalised guidance as needed OR commit to holistic self-improvement with our Life Zones program – a block of ten weekly guidance calls, over ten weeks.


You feel like you’re always moving but never getting anywhere. Constantly working, drumming up clients, caring for others … But life doesn’t get any easier. You only feel more and more burnt out.
Others rave about breaking free of the hustle and living in flow with their values and passions, and you think, ‘why not me?’


Each call begins with an elevation exercise to bring you to a place of joy. When you feel joyful, mountains become molehills. It’s easier to see situations clearly and build a proactive strategy, rather than reacting out of stress or fear. It’s in this place of joy that we can zero in on your chosen challenge or topic and start bringing about real change.

What you'll take away

  • Personalised mentorship from a friendly straight shooter, who’s thrived in the business and sporting worlds (and will stun you with his freakishly spot-on insights).
  • The ability to recognise and utilise the resources you have in front of you right now, instead of wishing and waiting for more money, help, connections, something you can’t quite put your finger on, but use as an excuse not to take action...
  • Greater clarity around your values, passions and the life you want to build for yourself.
  • Improved focus and direction, with actionable strategies to get you where you want to go.
  • Strengthened intuition and the power to lean into it when decision-making and overcoming obstacles.
  • A positive mindset, as we switch your focus to the things that make you great and prioritise what makes you happy.

Energy Coaching is an investment in yourself as you make important decisions towards the life you want.

The investment

  • How would it feel to get some clarity on important decisions in your life right now?
  • How much would it mean to you to feel more joyful and confident?
  • To enjoy a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions and principles?
  • To experience a happier and more intimate relationship?
  • To have a thriving family or social life, filled with people who uplift and support you?

Now, consider what you might spend on a business mentor, mindset coach, professional development courses, meditation and counselling combined.

Our one-to-one guidance program is the most affordable way to benefit from the business and marketing savvy, mindset mastery and intuitive gifts of Hypa’s guide.

It’s also unique in that you are in charge and our sessions are completely customised to your circumstances and goals.

The total investment for a single 60 minute consultation is $250, or bundle ten guidance calls over ten weeks for $2200, with flexible payment plans available.

We’ve helped everyone from school leavers to CEOs find clarity amidst their inner chaos,
do more with less, switch on their growth and abundance mindset
and build lives they’re obsessed with.

What Our Energy Coaching Clients say


Energy Coaching options

Choose from eighteen key life zones and elevate your family and home life, intimacy and relationships,
health and wellbeing, personal and spiritual growth, career and finances.

With intuitive insight and firm, friendly guidance, you’ll create a life that has you rocking out of bed each morning, not rolling.


60-minute session
A single, 60-minute call for personalised guidance to gain
Clarity or Focus


10 x Prepaid 60 minute sessions

Commit to holistic self-improvement with a block of ten weekly 60 minute guidance calls


90-minute session

A single, 90-minute call for personalised guidance to gain
Clarity or Focus


10 x Prepaid 90 minute sessions

Commit to holistic self-improvement with a block of ten weekly 90 minute guidance calls

It's your choice.

Thrive or carry on in survival mode.

The power to create a life of ease, flow and fulfilment is in your hands.

It starts with a simple phone call – a listening ear, gentle nudge and sound advice from an unbiased, knowledgeable observer who has overcome those same feelings of stuckness that you now face.

Schedule your one-to-one guidance call now.