Activate my Dream Life

Unlock your Purpose. Master your Mindset.
Elevate your Life.

there's more to life than simply getting by.

Do you feel as though you’re wading through life, always paddling upstream?
Are you unsatisfied with the way things are, but feel stuck on your current path?

Activate my Dream Life delivers the building blocks for the life you want.
The program unearths a positive way of thinking that will bolster your confidence,
attracting purposeful life and business opportunities and open doors beyond your wildest dreams.

Master your mindset and wield it like a magic wand.
Get on your right path to attract everything you desire.


A transformational eight-week course and twelve months of weekly small group coaching that will hone your intuition, switch your brain to growth mindset and unlock your highest potential. Commit to just a few hours every week and excel in all aspects of your life, from hobbies and relationships, to business and wealth.


Goal-oriented achievers who want more out of life: more ease, more joy, more fulfillment. You've achieved great things in your life and looking to grow and expand, but not at the expense of other areas of your life.  Do you go bigger, change the pace or switch paths altogether? Connect with yourself and gain clarity on the best way forward.


This program includes:

  • Eight week course with 1:1 guidance
  • 12 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions
  • 48 weeks of hot-seat group coaching
  • 60 minute onboarding session
  • Members-only online community for support, friendship, collaboration and a wealth of combined knowledge.
  • We'll arm you with strategies to:

    • Gain a clear picture of your dream life and the tools and strategies to achieve it.
    • Develop a positive mindset and unshakeable self-belief.
    • Tune into your intuition and create a deeper connection to yourself.
    • Overcome challenges with calm and confidence.
    • Activate your unique gifts and create better outcomes with less effort.
    • Connect with like-minded people who are discovering their flow state.

    activate my dream life is an investment in yourself and the life you want.

    use these strategies in your life to:

    • Enjoy a fulfilling life and career that aligns with your passions and principles.
    • Take clear and confident steps towards a better life on your terms.
    • Make clear decisions in your life and business.
    • Navigate challenges with confidence, turning them into opportunities.
    • Attract opportunities that's natural and authentic to how you work and play.
    • Develop meaningful relationships. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage, support and uplift you as you design and build your dream life.

    Activate my dream life

    From Confusion to clarity in 8 weeks

    The course component of Activate my Dream Life delivers the building blocks for the life you want.
    You might not yet know what that looks like, but you know that your current situation is not it.

    It's time to turn off confusion and turn on clarity so you can thrive even amidst all the Chaos that's around you.

    Confused in Chaos

    Chaos can create overwhelm, anxiety and confusion, which can sometimes leaves you in a vulnerable position that may causes you to freeze, switch off, or have you withdrawing and retreating to your cave until you feel its safe.

    Clarity from Chaos

    In eight weeks, you’ll design a life that aligns with your values and strengths and develop the capabilities to begin living it. You'll gain clarity, certainty and direction to take positive steps forward in your life, even amidst chaos and uncertainty.

    Thrive in Chaos

    Over the 12 months, you'll practice and integrate seven strategies and fourteen tactics into your life to activate your natural gifts and talents that have laid dormant. Take achievable steps on a journey to a more holistic and sustainable way of life.

    Program content and schedule

    The 7 Foundational Life Strategies and 14 Tactics
    you'll learn in this program
    • How the program works
    • How to get support
    • Orientation – getting to know the platform and the community that will support you
    • How to submit a testimonial
    • How to submit a referral
    Keynote presentation: Begin to recognise your intuition and gut feelings.
    Guided lesson this week:
    • The hero's journey – Paving the way ahead.
    • The Hypa Activation Framework – Foundational Strategies and Tactics
    • Creating the vision: Get real about your life as it is – what parts do you love and what isn’t working?
    • Intention and Attention:  Begin crafting the picture of your dream life
    • Plan for success: Learn the habits and qualities of successful people
    • Life Tour and Goal Discovery (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #1: Heart Listening
    Keynote presentation: Intention and Attention
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 1: Heart wisdom – healing heart wounds and choosing to be open-hearted
    • Tactic 2: Pause-think-choose – respond to problems, rather than react. Make decisions with clarity.
    • Heart Listening (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #2: Present State Awareness
    Keynote presentation: Winning Moments that Matter
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 3: Raise your vibration to attract abundance and positivity
    • Tactic 4: Connecting to the present moment
    • Elevating Certainty (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #3: Begin with the Endgame
    Keynote presentation: Start where you intend to finish.
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 5: Meet your future self – envision the future.
    • Tactic 6: Activate your core values: get clear on what you stand for, which naturally points you to your purpose in life.
    • The Higher-Self Discovery Journey (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #4: Live into your Legacy
    Keynote presentation: Planting trees you'll never see.
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 7: Role embodiment – main roles and responsibilities
    • Tactic 8: Activate my Dream Life – “It's my time”.
    • Dream Day (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #5: Big Rocks, then Little Rocks
    Keynote presentation: What's really important to you.
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 9: Recognising your big rocks and little rocks
    • Tactic 10: Planning with intention
    • Relationship with Planning (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #6: In the Zone
    Keynote presentation: Make it happen
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 11: Three energy zones
    • Tactic 12: First things first
    • Emotional Goal-setting (1:1 Session)
    Strategy #7: Integration: Your New Way of Life
    Keynote presentation: Integrating your new way of life.
    Guided lesson this week:
    • Tactic 13: Crafting out a day in flow
    • Tactic 14: Creating time and space for self-care and habit change
    • Habit change (1:1 Session)
    We’ve helped everyone from school leavers to CEOs find clarity amidst their inner chaos,
    do more with less, switch on their growth and abundance mindset
    and build lives they’re obsessed with.

    Program Pricing

    Invest in a life you'll be proud to look back on.


    Monthly Flexi-pay
    12 x monthly payments

     Create space for your self-improvement journey while being money conscious and positioning yourself for growth.

    • Launch Special: 40% off
    • 8-week online guided workshop and course
    • Lifetime Access to the online course
    • 1:1 Private coaching (12 x 60 minute sessions)
    • Weekly hot seat group coaching (online)
    • Private Online Community and Collaboration
    • 60-minute group onboarding session
    • Bonus 1: 90-minute Hypa Activation strategy session ($700)

    • Total bonus valued at $700
    • 40% off - Save $2640 (Limited spaces)
    • Total Package Value $7,300
    • Total Savings $3,340


    Single upfront payment

    Take the leap toward holistic self-improvement with an annual package jam-packed with value-added bonuses.

    • Launch Special: 50% off
    • 8-week online guided workshop and course
    • Lifetime Access to the online course
    • 1:1 Private coaching (12 x 60 minute sessions)
    • Weekly hot seat group coaching (online)
    • Private Online Community and Collaboration
    • 60-minute group onboarding session
    • Bonus 1: 90-minute Hypa Activation strategy session ($700)

    • Get everything in the monthly package plus these 5 Bonus sessions:
    • 60-minute premium private onboarding session ($250)
    • 90-minute Advanced Activation strategy session ($700)
    • 90-minute Healing Energy Blocks session ($350)
    • 90-minute Five Elements session ($350)
    • 90-minute Creative expression to heal and empower session ($350)

    • Total bonus valued at $1,900
    • 50% off - Save $3,300 (Limited spaces)
    • Total Package Value $8,500
    • Total Savings $5,200
    • Book a Free, 45-minute Clarity call to find out more, or join the waitlist for our next intake.

    Your dream life is closer than you think.