Activate my Dream Life

Unlock your Purpose. Master your Mindset. Elevate your Life.


A transformational eight-week course and twelve months of weekly small group coaching that will hone your intuition, switch your brain to growth mindset and unlock your highest potential. Commit to just a few hours every week and excel in all aspects of your life, from hobbies and relationships, to business and wealth.


Goal-oriented achievers who want more out of life: more ease, more joy, more fulfillment. You’ve achieved great things but you’re not content with where you’re atYou want greater success, but not at the expense of other areas of your life.  Do you go bigger, change the pace or switch paths altogether? Connect with yourself and gain clarity on the best way forward.


Our online course includes eight weekly blocks of content and tasks to move through at your own pace. Enjoy personalised mentorship and stay accountable to your goals with two x 1:1 guidance calls, fifty-two x weekly small-group masterminds and a members-only online community for support, friendship and a wealth of combined knowledge.

What you'll take away

  • A clear picture of your dream life and the tools and strategies to achieve it.
  • A positive mindset and unshakeable self-belief.
  • A deeper connection to yourself and the ability to tune into your intuition.
  • A clear understanding of your unique gifts and how to use them.
  • Calm and confidence in overcoming challenges.
  • Powerful connections with like-minded people who’ve found their flow state.

The investment

Activate my Dream Life is an investment in yourself and the life you want.

  • How much would it mean to you to feel more joyful and confident?
  • To enjoy a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions and principles?
  • To experience a happier and more intimate relationship?
  • To have a thriving social life, coloured by positive people who uplift
    and support you?

Now, consider what you might spend on a business mentor, mindset coach, professional development courses, meditation and counselling combined.

Activate my Dream Life is wholly unique in blending business and marketing savvy, mindset mastery, physical wellbeing and spiritual development.

It also offers a level of personalised guidance like no other program, with 2 x hour-long coaching calls and a full year of group coaching sessions, with your time in the hot seat each week to seek advice.

Due to the intensive and customised nature of the program, yearly intakes are limited,
and our waitlist is bustling.

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What Our Dream Life Grads Say

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