Living my Dream Life

Skyrocket your growth in life and business

There is more to life than simply getting by
  • Do you feel as though you’re wading through life, always paddling upstream?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the way things are, but feel stuck on your current path?
  • Do you have bold ideas, but lack support in bringing them to life? 
  • Do you want to achieve more, by working smarter, not harder? 

Living my Dream Life unearths a positive way of thinking that will bolster your confidence, attract likeminded goal-slayers and open doors beyond your wildest dreams. Master your mindset and wield it like a magic wand, to attract everything you desire.   

We’re so confident that you’ll see value and positive results from this program, we’re previewing the course content, free of charge.

Once you get a dose of the gems of wisdom inside Activate My Dream Life, you’ll be motivated to see more.

living my Dream Life Delivers

  • Clarity and certainty about the best way forward on your individual path
  • The knowledge and capabilities to fashion a life of your choosing
  • Extended weekly support to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals

Program content and schedule

From clarity to flow in 8 weeks

The course component of Living my Dream Life delivers the next-level growth pillars for the life you want. You have built a strong and stable foundation, and now you're looking to grow and scale the world inside you. In this program you'll start to heal generational wounds, activating your intuition and spiritual guidance at a deeper level and restore lost energy and power from the past.

It's a complete recode of your current operating system.

Fear-based mind-set

Living from the mind can create overwhelm, anxiety and confusion, leaving you in a vulnerable position.
When we create from a place that protects us, we allow fear to govern how we move. This leaves you living from a place of scarcity, a place of fear and limitation.

A place that tells you you're not enough and leaves you wanting more.

Love-based heart-set

You’ll immerse yourself deeper into a life that aligns with your values and strengths.
You will start to live and be guided by your heart,.
When you live from the heart, you create from a place of abundance, a place of love and unlimited resources.

A place that provides proof that you are enough, and brings peace to your life.

Heart-Led Living

Harness flow and intuition - Stay grounded and create from the heart - and learn to navigate chaos and uncertainty, with clarity.
You'll practice and integrate an additional seven strategies and fourteen tactics into your life, with other likeminded people who are deadly serious about activating their inner world abundance and manifest their outer world desires.

Get ready to ignite your intuition, harness a life in flow and bend reality as you know it.

  • How the program works
  • How to get support
  • Orientation – getting to know the platform
  • How to submit a testimonial
  • How to submit a referral
Guided lesson this week:
  • The Hero's journey – where are you at right now?
  • Activate My Dream Life – The 7 strategies revisited.
  • Activate My Dream Life – The 14 Tactics revisited.
  • Activation Framework – Advanced Strategies and Tactics you'll learn in this program.
  • My Success Zones
  • 1:1 Session: Love Glimpses
Strategy #8: Modes of Being.
Keynote presentation:
Modes of being.
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 15: Win-Win Mindset
  • Tactic 16: Activate your Win-Win Heart-set
  • 1:1 Session: Modes of being for acceptance 
Strategy #9: Holding the space.
Keynote presentation:
Sacred space – experience magical moments that unfold.
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 17: Create a sacred space and time for discovery.
  • Tactic 18: Experience life in flow, as it unfolds.
  • 1:1 Session: Love Requests
Strategy #10: Listen First.
Keynote presentation:
Understanding what others feel.
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 19: Recognising the need to feel valued.
  • Tactic 20: The Grounded Listener – Listen to understand.
  • 1:1 Session: Self-Kindness
Strategy #11: Synergy
Keynote presentation:
Creating synergy and harmony in your life
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 21: Discover the good in other people
  • Tactic 22: Developing synergistic connections 
  • 1:1 Session: Healing Energy Blocks and Energetic Inteference
Strategy #12: Conscious Collaboration
Keynote presentation:
Building a creative, intuitive and supportive network around you.
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 23: Higher-Self Journey: Discover Aligned Collaborations
  • Tactic 24: Using your Magician Archetype for Creativity and Expansion
  • 1:1 Session: Magician Archetype for Creative Expansion and Empowerment.
Strategy #13: Focus on Strengths
Keynote presentation:
Activating Success Zones in your life using your Strengths
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 25: Exploring strengths in relation to a goal.
  • Tactic 26: Building self-esteem through the strength process.
  • 1:1 Session: Success Zones with Strengths
Strategy #14: Model Compassion and Kindness
Keynote presentation:
Release the good in your people and guide them to change their world.
Guided lesson this week:
  • Tactic 27: Set the example – Guide by modelling
  • Tactic 28: The Four Pillars that protect your environment
  • 1:1 Session: 6 Needs for increasing compassion
Bonus: Add Next-Generation strategies to your playbook.
Keynote presentation:
The Enigma Project – Enter a world where you can bend reality


Living my dream life
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Monthly Flexi-pay
12 x monthly payments

Commit to your self-improvement journey while being money conscious and still putting yourself in a position to grow.

  • Launch Special: 40% off
  • 16-week online guided program and coaching
  • Activate My Dream Life: 7 Strategies + 14 tactics
  • Living My Dream Life: 7 Strategies + 14 tactics
  • Lifetime Access to both online course
  • 1:1 Private coaching (24 x 60 minute sessions)
  • Weekly hot seat group coaching (online)
  • Private Online Community and Collaboration
  • 60-minute group onboarding session
  • 4 x 2-day 'Big Breakthrough' Masterminds (online)
  • Bonus 1: 90-minute Hypa Activation strategy session ($700)

  • Total bonus valued at $700
  • 40% off - Save $7,920 (Limited spaces)
  • Total Package Value $13,900
  • Total Savings $5,280


Single upfront payment

Take the leap toward holistic self-improvement with an annual package jam-packed with value and added bonuses.

  • Get everything in the monthly package plus these 5 Bonus 90 minute 1:1 sessions:

  • 60-minute premium private onboarding session ($250)
  • 90-minute Advanced Activation strategy session ($700)
  • 90-minute Healing Energy Blocks session ($350)
  • 90-minute Five Elements session ($350)
  • 90-minute Creative expression to heal and empower session ($350)

  • Total bonus valued at $1,900
  • 50% off - Save $6,600 (Limited spaces)
  • Total Package Value $15,100
  • Total Savings $8,500
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