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After years of playing in and coaching high-performance sports and business teams, Hypa's frontman, Mark, knows the value of a tight-knit squad.

When we inspire, motivate and support each other, we can achieve greatness. That's why community-building is so essential to our work here at Hypa and a core component of our programs.

Join a community of like-minded game changers who want more from life and won't settle for a ho-hum existence.

Let's collaborate, bounce ideas off one another and hold each other up on the path to glory.

What our community says...

Director - InFlow Energy Coaching

Jodi Gagne

I am happy to share that my experience with Mark as a Coach has been incredibly insightful and fulfilling. Mark has the innate ability to truly be present and listen. He allows time and space for the monkey mind to settle, and is a natural guide to helping find the clarity of any issue at hand. With clarity comes understanding and with understanding Mark is able to further validate the experience of where his client is at, and has the ability to engage with his client in determining the necessary next steps for progress.

I am grateful to Mark for sharing his talent with me.

Director - MEO Marketing

Emily O'Reilly

Mark has been instrumental to my growth as a business owner at a time where I was extremely confused and overwhelmed about how to price and package my service offerings. By leveraging his intuitive guidance and helping me listen to mine, I was able to conceive of and implement a step by step plan that has lead to more sales and ultimately a business plan that feels super aligned.

I highly recommend his coaching.

Founder - Brand Purpose Co.

Justin JG Cooper

Mark has this amazing knack of inspiring me to bring my business ideas to life in an imaginative, yet visceral way. He has filled me with confidence to deliver my workshops in a uniquely new and purposeful way.

Real Estate Agent - Next Property Group

Melissa Schembri

I have worked with Mark over the past year and his services are the complete package! His business acumen, marketing knowledge and understanding of mindset combined with his intuitive gifts create such momentum and breakthroughs.

I highly recommend working with Mark.

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