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Today I'd like to share a scene and a snippet from Disney's children's movie ‘Moana'.
Going on your own Hero's Journey
Such powerful words, when someone goes on their own “hero's journey” or quest… and stands face to face with their greatest fear or adversary… to be able to have the “learnings” that you've had along the way… to find the courage to stand up and speak your truth and be the voice of purpose and change.
Here is a snippet of the words from the Disney movie “Moana”:
“Let her come to me…
I have crossed the horizon to find you…
I know your name…
They have stolen the heart from inside you… but this does not define you…
This is not who you are…
You know who you are.
Who you truly are.”
When you know you're connected to your purpose and nothing can stop you.
Here's the link to the 1 min 20-second video. 
(Give yourself 2 minutes to watch the video and connect in. It will do wonders for your day ahead.)
Make time to connect to your purpose, to the change you want to see.
These words have meaning – a soul connection that resonants with your deeper purpose.
Today, make time to connect with who you really are.
You already know…
who you are.
who you truly are.

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They have stolen the heart from inside you... but this does not define you...
This is not who you are... You know who you are.

From the Disney Movie - 'Moana'

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